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Chef Angell

E C L E C T I C  S O U L  F U S I O N

Connecticut native, Chef Angell Morris, has been exposed to many cultures of cuisine. From Polynesian to Creole; Italian to the Caribbean, Spanish Cuisine to Backyard BBQ and her passion for flavors runs deep in what she affectionately calls “Eclectic Soul Fusion”. She focuses her creative talent and self-taught knowledge on putting multicultural flavors together from her northern eclectic soul, into southern comfort foods. Now living in Delaware, she has exposed herself to the region's finest delicacies, putting new twists on old classics like her customer favorites, Curry Crab Mac & Cheese, Ultimate Cornbread, Honey Chipotle Shrimp Deviled Eggs, and Signature Compound Butters.


Outside of food, Chef Angell is also an accomplished singer and music educator. This is evident as she once served with fervor as the Music & Performing Arts Teacher at a Philadelphia charter school. With music and food as her core passions, there was a time where she was committed to both. In 2017 however, she chose to follow her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launched her catering business, Signatures by Angell Catering. The Eclectic Soul Fusion Private chef credits her love for food to her two Mothers and Alex Gaurnaschelli.

"How can I elevate this my way?" is the question I ask with every meal I see.  I read recipes, changing ingredients in my mind as I go, sometimes making them more complex and other times making them simpler.  Nevertheless, I am constantly trying to evolve in my flavor profile.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone smell, taste, and savor a dish I placed before them.  Knowing that a simple dish that was likely made for them as a child has caused their eyebrows to raise or their eyes to suddenly pop open because their expectations have been exceeded, that is the goal I strive for with every soul I connect with through the shared love for food. 

My "Eclectic Soul Fusion" cuisine is simply a beautiful memory you just haven't created yet. It's just different." -Chef Angell Morris

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